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i've been watching corrector yui anmie and i've run out of working videos (all the english dubbed ones are memessed up). Considering that google only had 6 pages of results for episode 18 of the anime i'm guesing that there's no place to watch it and no way to pay to watch. Ther isn't even a place to buy divds either which is weird. At this point i'm overly open to any location that has the dubbed version of the remaining corrector yui anime.
The song in the miroku promo at… as well as this cowboy bebop promo… play songs I like but don't know the name of. Due to other sfx in the promo it is impossible to identify the songs using special apps. Do not say google it because search engines only work if you know what you're looking for.
Spicy mayo but since google isn't helpin here i am the recipe calls for mayo, sriracha, hoissan sauce, eel sauce, duck sauce, and sugar. It doesn't tell me the amount however, and google is only giving me kewpie mayo recipes.
I essentially need an app to modify chromes functionality so it has two of my most favorite features that both iexplorer and firefox has. An address bar that drops down giving you a list of sites you visit a lot and a menu bar that's no different than any other window. If i can get google to work in those two ways i may just replace firefox with it, mostly because flash doesn't work on firefox and i heard it was dying out.
I've looked everywhere for this one and can't find it. The music video is white with black line art of very low quality almost stick figure quality. And the one instrument i remember most is the sax. The vid i think portayed a cat but i'm not sure. I've exhausted all my options at this point save for asking on around.
Edge of despair and suicide. nough said. I think i'll start sleeping with my sword in from now on so that when i feel life has become to unfair i can end it quickly... And if god sends me to hell for commiting suicide im gonna give him an earful about how he allowed me to have such a horrible mindset and probably worship satan afterwards and forever blame god for my faults as it's the way he made me....
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