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So does anybody else think that some of the things youtube does is ridiculous? I'll give a few points to think about.

1. Banned uploader content is unviewable. - Sure they broke the rules but why punish everyone else for their actions?

2. Country availability. - Making a video only available in a certain country. I've seen anime theme songs as having this. I can see where this might be useful in some cases but not in every case.

3.. Private videos - It's annoying to find them simply because you can't watch them. Insanity ensues when you ad them to searches alongside other unwatchable videos too for availability reasons or the uploader was banned. They should just clean house of such unwatchable videos or remove them from searches entirely.
so the hing is umm i've been watching little battlers eXperience and i've got to the episode after when odin is first used the one where the train was going to be used to aid in the infiltration, but the episode right after it is fucked up, regardless of which video i look at. anyone I believe it's called odin's sortie or something like that. Anyways the sound is cmpletely fucked up for most of the beginning parst of the episode. Anybody know where to find one that isn't messed up.

And could some1 pleaze explain how MULTIPLE sites would have this fucked up video?
As of late I've been experiencing network erros like no tomorrow. I never used to see this and it's because an issue. I honestly down't know why the donwload keeps failing pat way but It's becoing a growing issue. At this point if it keeps increasing I'll have to sick with youtube fo my videos and we all know how shitty they can be.
Much as i hate to admit it I'm having an issue with an nime regaqrdingthe order of it's pisodes. I tried using wikipedia however the description of an episode's plot there doesn't doesnt match up properly with the episode I watched previously. As  a result both wikipedia's episode list and the order of the episode list I'm watching has ben thrown into question, something that hasn't happened before. As a result I now require a new site that can be trusted to have the correct order of the episodes.
We live in an age of high speed internet so why are thee still video players the take twice the time to load a video as it does to actually watch it? Seriously though some video players will have loaded at least 30-40 minutes of video in the first few seconds of loading, will these turtles take 2 minutes to load one minute of video. Why is that? can someone explain this to me?
Yep i've finally hit it. Loveless and technically friendless, I've hit my rockbottom feeling. I honestly wanted a girl to get interested in me. I may not have money to offer but I'd be damned if I tried to leave her for another girl, unless she wasn't nice to me. Never having a girlfriend and having very few true friends who would stick by my side has really caused a sense that I don't belong in this world.

    Society pretty much screwed me over at an early age by diagnosing me with ADHD as a child. Seriously, though if I had been left to develop alone and threats of juvi didn't force me to leave behind childhood friends I may have turned out better than this. My hatred of society is thicker than obsidian and many times deeper and hotter than hell itself. While the state of florida takes a lot of blame, it's society that tends to dictate these things as a whole I feel.

    All I ever wanted from a girl is a functional family. My situation put me in the care of individuals who were essentially in their 60's, my adoptive father died at an early age and only my adoptive mother survived long enough to raise me to adulthood, and now has dementia.

    My birth mother was adopted by my adoptive parents, and the only blood relatives I know of are my half sister who seem to care less about me and my father who honestly tried to take me from the mother who raised me. These reasons alone are why I want a girlfriend, to have something that I've essentially been missing my entire life a young functional family. At this rate i'll never have the one thing that I've desired as a dream within the inner reaches of my being.

    I bet if I died there'd be nobody to shed a single tear for me. My isolation is my own doing, I used to be outgoing you know, but society saw to it that all changed by making me hate it so deeply. As a result I've pretty much withdrawn into my hobbies of video games and anime. Those are honestly the only things keeping my going.

    Oh and did I mention my adopted family on a large basis doesn't accept or understand me in any way shape or form.
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