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A friend of mine has a lot of songs on her flash drives but there are sometimes more than one copy of the song (under a different name or something) is there a program which can read the music files and erase the duplicates. It would be a hassle to go through them all and listen for any differences but you know we often have different versions of the same song or rather mixes.
I've seen franchises go downhill from where they began there a plenty of games in which the first in the series is the only good one and then executive meddling ruins any other games later on that's not to say all games go downhill just some of them. However when a gaming company hold the ability to claim copyright of a game or any form of content i think it is wrong. Copyright laws should be changed so that companies can't own the franchises that make them who they are. It should be the original makers of the content that own the copyrights to it not the company they work for. This is especially true when companies become money crazed and prevent beloved franchises like megaman from continuing even though they are well established just because it doesn't earn them top dollar. This is true for anime and film I mean seriously it's an issue when executives decide to run an show into the ground because it makes them money even though the creator doesn't want to continue or the story has finished. It ruins the quality when the comapny controls the rights to stuff like this. Look at how good indies are compared to a lot of the company name games. There have been a lot better indie's more often in recent years then there have been from the gaming companies themselves. It's at this point that you realize that it's not because the guys making the game were bad at it but rather that the companies meddled in it's production or didn't give them the time they needed to finish the product. At this point it's obvious poor quality means bad company. This goes true for animation possibly even music is affected by this. Though company should only be able to fund projects, and even then if a new game franchise is starting and loks like it's not going they can possibly pull the plug, but not on franchises with an already established fanbase. Even if it doesn't make much money the company should only cancel the franchise if it's causes them to lose the money in sales. At this point im wondring if changing copyright laws so that the creative control as well as ownership of these things is to go back to the original makers of the games is already some sort of worldwide movement.
First off the song I'm looking for has been around at least since I was a kid but may be older still. It is only played on bagpipes (i dunno which) but often times I've seen it used for funerals or to send someone off. It was an ending to a game once (an arcade game for pc and was titled end game. It's a slow song and doesn't speed up anywhere anyhow i dunno where to else to look since it's been years since I've heard it. So at this point wouldn't know where to begin aside from listening to every single song with a bagpipe in it. the bag pipe played sounds like and may even be the small pipes but i cannot be sure.
It's Happy birthday to no one of importance to me. But it is an unhappy birthday for me so cheers. I bother going into detail but it's my lack of faith and trust in others that does it. Last year I didn't get anything and I'm not bothering with any celebration. Anyways screw the uncaring ppl who can't see past their nose because they want an apology it's not like they matter anyhow.
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A question for all gamers and be truthful.

Casual Gamers play a select few genres which don't involve a lot of difficult they're usually only good in those few genres and even then they don't always know what they're doing, but still manage to beat the game anyways.

Hardcore Gamers are exceptional in a few genres but fail spectaculalarly in those they aren't good at even so the beat the hell outta cthulu every time and rarely ever get hit by him. They do exceptionally well at pvp because thjey specialize in those games.

Nerd - They are exceptional at all genres but do not specialize in them like a hardcore player thus they are not usually top of the pvp lists in ranking. Even so they still beat the game even on it's hardest difficultly in single player.

I myself am a nerd, i rarely ever play sports because they don't interest me outside of racing. After all we didn't buy video games to play sports and thats a belief i feel is true. Though racing is a very decent exception as not everyone will make that cut. plus it's among the more dangerous sports too. I always did like going fast.


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