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A battle music song of epic proportions that doesnt have lyrics like blue dragons eternity but vocals like at the beginning of magia and has epicness on par with the instrumental version of magia. I need a lttle help on this one...
When I was a kid i pretended to have a grand mal seizure. Due to my hihg tolerance to sharp pains, i was able to ignore most of what the ppl there did to snap me out of it like if i remember rubbing the skin to a burning sensation (i can't remember where though) but ironically it was just a prank as when i do have my seizures i always black out whereas in the prank i was perfectly aware of my surrounds nor did i have the weird altered sense of touch afterwards which i always have after a seizure. They said i'd been having seizures for awhile (but they were always petit mal seizures) However when i started taking medicine to reduce seizures however it seemed to make symptoms worse with no noticeable benefits whatsoever. I rarely had seizures . Even though for the past year maybe 2 i havent taken any medicine but have shown no signs of my seizures being any more frequent than when i was taking the medicine. This isn't the first time something happened when i was treating a phsyiological problem either. I used to have my jaw lock on me in painful positions of which sleep would be the best way to fix the problem. The occurance was very rare (less than once every few months if memry serves correctly, but again when i treated the problem with muscle relaxants to, the following month my jaw locked on four separate occassions.

 My question is, is it posible for medication to treat certain phsyiological problems or neurological problems to make other aspects of said treated problem worse while semingly not doing or having very little effect at treating the problem it's supposed to cure? I found paradoxical reactions but if what wikipedia says is true (which most of the time it is) it applies only mostly to other forms of medicine rather than medicines for physical, and neurological problems. Thhose paradoxical effects seem to apply mostly to psychological drugs if anything else.
Link get the triforce of courage, ganon gets power and zelda gets wisdom but ironically it seems that the triforce pieces have no benefits to their holder other than essentially a placebo effect. Link already has his courage long before recieving his piece. It's acquisition probably only boosts the confidence he has in himself nothing more than a placebo effect. Ironically the same can be said about zelda's piece. In oot she was already was before acquiring her piece by sending link to acquire the master sword. While she does appear wiser afterwards 7 years have already passed since she supposedly acquired it so the wisdom she obtained could've easily been learned if necessary.  When ganandorf becomes ganon he when acquiring the triforce supposedly using the triforce of power in oot again a 7 year gap could explain the difference if he was already preparing. Or he already had the power and wasn't confident enough to use it, which again the trifore of power much like the triforce of courage becomes a placebo for power instilling confidence in ganondorf that he can transfrom.

I'n a link between worlds we see that the final boss has both wisdom and power but he isn't that much more difficult than ganon using only power the difference being that he can make himself a painting on the wall and attack. Powers well within reason of both ganon's and the other guys abilities'. so let me ask you this seeing all of this do u think the triforce hold individual power or do they only have power as the complete triforce.
Star luster is the closest example gameplay wise and i do know it had a single black hole in it. While star luster's gameplay was similar they are fairly different. The game i'm looking for was released in the west or had a western release.
I have just plain weird likes. For example movie wise i could easily watch any movie that pretty much that u put in front. I don't like documentaries of people but put anything science related and i'm hooked and that's about it, don't expect me to watch a barbie unless you catch me off guard with the beginning. If nothing too interesting is going on in a movie expect me to leave unless I paid for it, i'll also leave if ive seen it before. Romance movies don't interest me since i'm loveless.

For television i can watch anything. unlike movies i'll watch a series even if it isn't all that interesting since id like to see how it ends unless the movie isn't animated. Going too far in a show doesn't apply to me. Anything they put even if goes . against who i am really doesn't matter to me it's tv enjoy it for what it is not what it isn't that's pretty much how i really. If i don't like it it's because it's boring or not interesting enough. Documentaries don't interest me unless it's about science. like movies romance doesn't interest me except when it's featured in anime or cartoons. Forget sports unless it's animated or kung fu fighting.

For music it's  the similar. I'm genre blind taste wise. It doesn't matter from rap to country, the intense power metal to shakuhachi's, violins, and acoustics. I'll like it if it's, A) got a nice beart to it b) somewhat comedic (especially country songs cuz they're easily heard.) c) very nice vocals d) is very intense (non classical) or epic (classical songs can be epic an example of epic classic would orchestra based boss battle from video games. E) is brutal sounding (very few classical songs fit this but an example is beethoven's 5th symphony) F) decent harmonics. Ironically i like the sound of barbershop quartets. My tastes being unique as they often leave liking only a handful of songs from any given musicians. Notable execptions are ozzy osbourne, dragon force (band), nobuo uematsu (who composes a majority of final fantasy music), so far all of system of a down's songs i've heard, and The Black Mages.

Games are pretty much the same as well. There are few games i never touch like visual novels, and rarely if ever pick up like naughty bear save for if rpg elements are present. Also sports games don't interest me to much either. Exceptions are racing games, or has rpg elements or similarly stat building. Ffx's blitzball i could do for hours but again it had rpg elements. It's definitely far more interesting play wise than anything we have for sports. Fighting games (if they count as sports would be notable exceptions).

Food wise it's the same. I hate carbonation seriously why even have it. Feels like it's burning my tongue. Pretty much any food that doesn't taste bitter. I can easily drink lemon juice without puckering and the only thing keeping me from eat anything spicier than mild is the potential pain factor. Occasionally halipeno peppers don't burn me and other times it's either a light or moderate burn to a ragin cajun to put it simply. I like chewy things but not gum. Textures don't bother me at all unless something crunchy is in my soft squishy food unless it's supposed to be like that. Notable examples were hard seemingly unchewable bits in asparagus when i was young. I enjoy brussel sprouts in small quantities despite the bitter taste (unless i'm mistake)

Literature is pretty much the same as movies. If i get bored with life (which i do) you might catch me reading each dictionary entry just because for kicks or because it's the last thing ppl expected of me. It's essentially me reading the dictionary for the hell of it, which is funny because one wouldn't normally do that.

I honestly want to know what my tastes are they're so convoluted even i don't fully understand them. Honestly my tastes might be more complicated than the average person.
Edge of despair and suicide. nough said. I think i'll start sleeping with my sword in from now on so that when i feel life has become to unfair i can end it quickly... And if god sends me to hell for commiting suicide im gonna give him an earful about how he allowed me to have such a horrible mindset and probably worship satan afterwards and forever blame god for my faults as it's the way he made me....
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