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It seems i can't find Galaxy angel A episode 10 in a dubbed version and every title featuring the episode is misleading (to the point that the original japanese version is put among the list of english version episodes). Is there some dumb troll posting these or is the english version not present on the internet period? I know that if the later seasons that they would dub all of A. I don't feel like wasting time flipping through misleading links as i don't wanna go thru all of them only to find what im looking for at the very last page or not at all.
When is a remix of a song no longer a remix. Is a remix not a remix if it doesn't sound anything like the original? I ask this because  this remix… is nothing like the…. I've played them back to back but i don't see any resemblance  between them
i've been have problems finding a properly functioning video of the rugrats episode quiet please/early retirement. The videos have either stopped prematurely as if that was all that was uploaded even though there is clearly more video, goes green leaving only audio, or the audio itself becomes unsynchronized with the video.  It seems no1 carries a working version of the video and since i'm waiting to get my debit card (after what seems to have been a month after requesting a new one) i am unable to pay to for one online... It seems no1 cares about whether or not they upload or maintain decent quality or working videos anymore..… first the pelican eats pidgeon now the cow eats chikin. I thought cows were herbivores but it clearly ate that chick..... Why is stuff like this happening. I don't suppose chic fil a was involved in this do ya...
I've been trying to find out how much pressure would be required to cause spinal chord injury in the various places (notably the back). However even an internet search wouldn't get me those answers. If google can't find it no search engine can.
Edge of despair and suicide. nough said. I think i'll start sleeping with my sword in from now on so that when i feel life has become to unfair i can end it quickly... And if god sends me to hell for commiting suicide im gonna give him an earful about how he allowed me to have such a horrible mindset and probably worship satan afterwards and forever blame god for my faults as it's the way he made me....
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