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so i'm looking for an mmo that is like eve online but free to play.
I need speakers for it, since my moniter nor my computer can do anything for me in regards to sound. The speakers have to have an optical input and be less than $10 USD with decent or acceptable sound quality.
This is the third time I've posted on a separate site trying to get help that was useful. I'ts already been a day and no useful information on fixing the isue on either nexus or steam has been given.

I have already reinstalled SKYUI and SKSE so any suggestions doing so will be ignore and I may comment on your illiteracy.

MCM does not show the customization menu for currently installed mods. However it will still detect and show new mods added to the game. Al my mods still work mind you but i just don't know how to fix this issue on my own.

Let me reiterate, I have already reinstall SKYUI and SKSE so any comments on doing so that doesn't give any other specific instructions will get a comment on your inability to read.
Tank controls have become a standard in games. However some games like RE didn't and legend of zelda didn't start with them.

This topic is to discuss the finer points of these two decent but very different methods of control and what games might be better having them.

we will also discuss when these controls scheme are at their worst.
Essentially a case where instrumental metal songs feature a violin and acappella with no lyrics or otherwise audible words to the song. I seek these songs for their sheer epicness. Could someone tell me what genre this form of metal is for future reference.


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