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Freaking moths made a comeback. Those bastards disappeared for a few months and I didn't see them. Now the ants are coming in. I think I'll buy a bunch of spiders and let them loose in the house. Cuz honestly that's probably going to be the only way I'm gonna get rid of these buzzing punks. Seriously, they disappeared for like 3-4 months, and they now make a comeback in the middle of freaking winter..

Honestly I thought the ants and spiders got rid of any chance of them coming back. Now here they are again back in force. The worst part is I don't even know how the hell they are surviving. All the food is in the refrigerator, so there's nothing for them to eat here. These moths are freakin ridiculous, anybody got any suggestions to get rid of these moths, just as long as it isn't a fumigation.

If nothing else I'll burn the house down with the moths still in it and laugh as these moths burn to death in searing agony, while at the same time mourning the deaths of all my spider friends.
So the soundbar I got for my ps4 isn't being detected by my computer. I wanted to at least get it set up so my computer could have the necessary drivers and such so that when I get a tv with both composite cables and several hdmi inputs to hook my consoles up that the souundbar itself would not be wasted. Unfortunately my computer isn't detecting any new hardware despite having the soundbar plugged in.

It's an insignia soundbar if that helps at all.
Title says it all. But yea what are they I noticed many of the artist putting up these adoptables.
So I'm looking for a picture that used to be in a youtube video, and the song that as well.

It's a picture of Tifa Lockheart near the front with all the other characters (including sephiroth) in the background as chibis. The video featuring this picture was playing a remix of the boss battle theme.

I can't seem to find it anywhere. I really wanna hear that paricular remix again. too, and unfortunately I can find neither one.
1 The gifts, after a certain age the gifts you get for xmas are utter crap, while people tell me it's the thought that counts my thoughts when getting clothes that don't fit or clash with what I normally wear are that they should've just given me the money to buy the stuff myself. Bonus hate if you didn't include both the place it was bought as well as the receipt just in case it doesn't fit or does clash with what one normally wears. I won't wear pink, nor do I wear long sleeves (even during winter).

2. The cheery attitude. Sure I'm naturally nice and won't bother someone's holiday cheer, but there eare seriously better things you could be using your money on like starving ethiopians or using that xmas money for those less fortunate or borderline poor. Bonus hate if you spend over 13k usd which is more than I make in a year.

3. Christmas carolling. Only those individuals who go door to do singing to people, everyone else is fine. These people waste their time freezing themselves when they should be spending it with family. Also I go to sleep at very odd hours on holidays and hate to be disturbed or woken up. Knocking on my door will do that. Bonus hate if I was having a good dream.

4. Show off neighbors. Ever have that neighbor who has so many light up their home can be seen from space? Obviously I'm exaggerating or am I? In any case  Bonus hate if their christmas lights shine into my room.

5, Mistletoe. It's a stupid excuse to kiss someone. I neither understand that particular part of the tradition nor condone it. It feels stupid and honestly makes as much sense as trying to use a screwdriver to put nails in. Bonus hate if you're gay and use it on me. I have nothing against gays, just as long as they don't try and use mistletoe to get a kiss from me, or do weird stuff with me. In fact I had a gay friend but I don't know what happened to him. Something about a girl or something hard to tell though.
Pretty much decided that christmas will be the one holiday that I will cease to celebrate in any way shape or form. Gifts that while thoughtful, like a longsleeve jacket which I'll never wear because I hate longsleeves, and pants that are too big.

Whatever I've decided that christmas is now the worst holiday for me at this point.
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