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Some games that I got are having slowdown problems. It's not the hardware that's the problem but the software. I know this cuz I set a game the was slowing down to go into windowed mode and when it started slowing down I check the task manager for cpu usage only to find out it was only using somewhere around 10-25% of the cpu if I remember correctly maybye it was 10-15%.

     Even so I did a test and some areas of the graphics test were having slowdown issues. All of my stuff for alienware is pretty much if not the best, 2nd best hardware wise, but it seems that perhaps I need better software than what came with my computer, at least when it comes to graphics.

Anyone got any suggestions?
The songs I'm looking for are metal instruments/equipment played in the fashion of swing.
 Kindness is probably a good trait because you attract many people to your side that much is for sure. But what about those magnificent unadultered asses who exploit people with this trait?

    My question to you is this:

    Is kindness a good trait to have nowadays with all the people who would probably exploit those individuals with it, or is it a bad thing because there aren't enough good people who would appreciate a person with this trait.
I'm having trouble finding remade and improved upon music from the obscure fighting game power quest. Google was no help and neither was youtube.

Only thie first page of google had anything relating to what i was searching for and youtube well let me put it this way, the first result having anything to do WITH what i was earching for was the 7th result.

The hell does final fantasy mystic quest have to do with power quest aside from quest being in the name.

So yea searching online using search engines has no effect. It is pretty pointless to even try since very little is actually related to what im searching for. And after hours of searching and every possible search nothing.

Remixes apparently do exist but for some dumb reason the search results don't find them even though others complain that the remixes are all they can find.
A friend of mine has a lot of songs on her flash drives but there are sometimes more than one copy of the song (under a different name or something) is there a program which can read the music files and erase the duplicates. It would be a hassle to go through them all and listen for any differences but you know we often have different versions of the same song or rather mixes.


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